Well, Hello There!

  • We are small, honest sellers, tiny wee bakehouse here in Northern Ireland with passion for healthy foods for everyone; therefore, our products are #cultured (#fermented#sourdough#naturallyleavened), fully or mostly #organic, and sourced locally when possible. When it’s not possible, we still use #fairtrade, organic and/or #minimallyprocessedingredients (like our German Organic Lupin Flour or our Brown Rice flour for instance). #Nonastychemicals or human made antibiotics, so as #closetonature as possible ALWAYS. #Kosher and #Halal approved if needed to be.
  • We are making every effort we can, to choose the healthiest and purest ingredients, so you’ll have the best value for your hard earned money guaranteed.
  • Our main customers are #Vegans, #Coeliacs, people with #Diabetes, people on the #Ketodiet and We have catered for people with #Phenylketonuria (PKU), different allergies and abilities to tolerate food etc and so, just because it's not in our regular menu, doesn't mean we might not be able to do it; Send us a message ;-)
  • We have a totally separated Coeliac Friendly area, where we prepare our Gluten Free Products. Our gluten free products comply with the gluten limit of less than 20ppm.  

  • Sorry, We do not do any special occasions. Please see disclaimer at the end of every product 😊
  • We mostly deliver in Northern Ireland but can make exceptions depending on the order and time of delivery.
  • We speak English, Dutch, and Spanish.
  • Our email is: hello@culturedbakehouse.com
Send us a message, order with us! Let us know what are your dietary needs and we'll do our best to accommodate them, and let us brighten your life with our #scrumptiouslydelicious, cultured, happy food.