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Committed to your well being :-)

Since we’ve opened our bakery the response have been AMAZING and we are forever grateful. In case it’s not clear, we would like our customers to know:

🌟Our products are organic or mostly organic, or at the very least as close to nature as possible and fresh, baked on the day you get your product delivered.

🌟Our products are not “easily made” or “mass produced”, neither are the time we get to know our customers’s needs. We make sure to invest our time into each one of the request we get on daily basis.

🌟We are a fully registered, certified and insured company (meaning that we pay VAT, taxes etc), and we strive to give you the best ingredients and quality for your hard earned money. This means that in the current climate we have to drive from one provider to another and hop between the borders, just to find the best ingredients and prices, as there are ingredients that simply one can’t find anymore.

🌟Our prices are also based in our experience (which is extensive), investigations, skills and high standards.

🌟Our personal belief is that we should make sure whatever you buy from us, WILL contribute to your health in someway or another. This is our core. We TRULY want to contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Thank you for trusting us with your purchase. All the best!

Pic from Pexels.

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